thoughts on evil


There is evil in this world. In fact, it rules the world, runs our lives, breathes through all of us and suffocates the potential for happiness that we strive for every day. Sometimes it lies dormant, as if napping until its next job, and we are allowed to see beyond it to beauty, to truth. But then, once it wakes, it clouds over us, raining down fear and suffering and debauchery and anything else it can think to throw in our way, to keep us from being who we were truly meant to be.

Evil is a great hindrance to the lives of us all, keeping us gagged and bound and incapable as ragdolls, leaving us wasted and weary and no longer searching for hope when it grabs ahold of us too tightly.

Evil is like a blindfold pulled tightly, violently over our eyes so that we cannot see the Sun, do not see the way we should go, know not which way is up. We wallow in it, wading through the muck, barely able to pick up our feet one by one as we fight to the finish, a finish we often feel isn’t even there.

Evil is our enemy, we battle with it from the time our eyes open in the morning until we lay our heads down at night, exhausted. It keeps us on the treadmill, always going and never going anywhere, busy as bees but useless as garbage.

We are stunned by it, whether it manifests itself in us or through others, on the news, on the street, in our homes. It surrounds us, wanting always to devour us, not gently, but violently, without mercy or care for who we are, for who we could be if we only could escape these chains, this prison cell, this loneliness we call pain, loss, anger, sorrow, cruelty, evil.

Evil, you are our greatest enemy. You will not defeat us.

life in a post

So here’s what I’ve been up to these days, Instagram style.

I’ve been getting really crafty, and by really I mean marginally, but it’s been quite an adventure nonetheless.

owl onesie

We’ve had a couple of craft nights, and the picture above is of an appliqué onesie I made all by myself. And thenthe next craft night, I made an adorable little fabric flower to go with it! So if I don’t have a girl I may have to donate this to a little baby girl I know.

cartoon owl

I’ve also been doing some drawing, and as you can tell I stuck with the owl theme because they are so adorable. I actually saw an owl while I was on a walk with my friend a few weeks ago, it was amazing.

bird watercolor

And then, I finally got so excited that I actually went out and bought some watercolors. I swear I’ve done more than just birds. These just happen to be the pictures I have. It’s been pretty fun, experimenting with art again. I feel like a kid. Did I tell you I used to want to be a cartoonist when I was little? Well I did.

baby belly 14 weeks

Oh, and also I’ve been growing a baby. So that’s been a lot of work, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago. That’s me at 14 weeks.

baby belly 15 weeks

…and there I am at 15 weeks. Can you tell a difference? I’m not sure if there is one. But the baby’s growing! And using most of my energy to do it. That’s okay though, I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it.

throw back picture

I also found some adorable/hilarious childhood photos while I was home a few weeks ago, which I of course took pictures of on my phone so I could participate in “throw back Thursday” on Instagram. That’s our rabbit Solomon that we “won” on year (my mom’s friend rigged the Easter egg hunt so we would win all the animals every year). And my sister looks like she should be in Japan for some reason.

day at the zoo

And this is from the day that my brother got mad at my mom for putting sunscreen on him at the zoo and slammed the door to our station wagon and the keys got locked in the car so we got to spend the entire day there while my mom waited for the locksmith. When I posted this on Instagram my sister asked “where am I??” I’m sure many of you can guess what my response was.

Oh, and perhaps the best is this one.

preachers wives

This is a picture of me and my best friend at my grandparents’ house, most likely putting on some type of play, or perhaps giving a sermon of sorts. But what’s so funny about it is that we are now both seminary wives, on our way to becoming preacher’s wives. Okay, I admit, I don’t look much like a future preacher’s wife in this picture, but the Bible is just too funny, and Debbie seems to fit the part here pretty well. I was always the crazy one.

Marshall and Owen

And then it’s back to the present time, with Marshall brushing up on his baby skills. Doesn’t he look like such a natural? The kid is mesmerized. We think it’s the beard. They all love the beard.

So anyway, that’s my life in a post these days, I hope you’ve enjoyed the update. As you can see things are pretty exciting around here, as I’m sure you expected.

Happy Tuesday (I keep thinking it’s Wednesday ughhh)


finding nemo

Well, I got my New England winter last weekend.

blizzard nemo

I tell ya, whoever said big snows would make you sick of winters up North obviously had never met a southerner born in December. I would have rather been in Hamilton Massachusetts than Paris France this weekend.


I had been quite disappointed at the way the winter had been going, particularly after a 100% prediction of 6-10 inches found me waking up to a mere dusting one morning. I was not a happy camper that morning.

So even when the weather men (to save face from the last time, I’m sure) said that unlike other times when they weren’t completely sure of their predictions, they were pretty confident this time, I was skeptical.


So when we went out at 11:00 Friday night to the above picture, I was beside myself.

According to our uber-scientific measuring tree outside my friend Shelly’s window, we had about a foot by Friday night, and about two feet by Saturday morning. And the snow continued all day Saturday.

snow angel

We made snow angels, ate snow cream, sledded, I even made myself hot chocolate as an appropriate afternoon snack. I’ll never be too old for snow.

snowy road

That’s all I really have to say about that. I mainly just wanted you to see what I got to experience this weekend. I was in heaven. Pure, joy-filled, heaven. I hope it happens again. Like, next week.



new england, tourist style.

This week the leaves finally turned. We had been told that they would turn a couple of weeks ago, and a friend of mine pointed out a week or two ago that nothing too impressive was happening yet.

Well, this week it got impressive. Just in time for my parents’ arrival, the colors came out in full force. I’ll have to take some pictures for you.

I met my parents in Boston Friday morning, and after a wee bit of shopping 🙂 we took the train back up to Hamilton that afternoon. We showed them our place and settled them in to their inn in Rockport, followed by a nice dinner at Latitude 43 in Gloucester.

Notice the red scarf, because it’s a new purchase and you should be jealous.

I took a picture of my parents but it was bad and they refused to sign a release to publish so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

We spent Saturday driving down the coast of Massachusetts, starting in Rockport and ending in my new favorite New England town, Marblehead.

We even braved the streets of Salem, which is a zoo the whole month of October. People kept telling me to avoid it at all costs, so naturally I went.

Unfortunately this picture depicts none of the crazy characters we encountered during our journey. I’d say a good third of the people walking the streets were either in costume or just plain strange looking. The rest of us pointed them out to each other like rare birds, or like pieces of trash we should carefully step around.

Marshall spent 45 minutes finding a parking spot to meet us for lunch. Whoops.

After Salem we moved on to quieter, quainter streets. When we parked our car in Marblehead, we were greeted by this face.

I knew at once that I would like it there.

It’s one of those adorable towns that seems to be somehow sheltered from tourists, despite its historic roots and quintessential New England feel.

(what’s a New England town without ice cream??)

We walked around what felt like the whole city, enjoying the houses as much as the harbor. Each house had a little plaque on the front of it that listed when it was built (most in the 17th and 18th century), who first owned it, and what their trade was. It’s amazing that houses that old are still standing.

This church was built in the early 1600s and towers over the surrounding buildings in the center of the town. Oh, did I mention it was the perfect day for sightseeing?

And picture taking too.I want to live there someday.

It felt good to be a tourist for the weekend, and it was a nice reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and how we should take advantage of it while we are here.

It’s never too late to become a tourist in your own town.


little taste of home

My parents are in town.

Unfortunately I work all day today so I don’t get to see them until tomorrow morning, but then I get to spend all weekend with them!

It will be a great excuse to be a tourist up here, do some more exploring, eat some good food, enjoy the fall a bit before it turns to winter.

We’re heading back to this picture with my parents, an adorable little peninsula in Rockport called Bearskin Neck, and I can’t wait to show it to my mom. Maybe she’ll paint a picture of it for me. Rockport is the quintessential New England town. I’ll be sure to take some more pictures of it for you.

It will be nice to get a little taste of home this weekend, and to show my parents our new home away from home. Pray for good weather though, there’s rain in the forecast. I thought October was supposed to be a dry month! Never mind that.

Only six hundred pages left of Gone With The Wind. Almost done. Scarlett just swore she would never go hungry again.

Enjoy your weekend.