baby and i are growing fast

baby and me

I am now 24 weeks pregnant.

And I look it.

I absolutely love being pregnant right now. Yes, I’m tired all the timeand no, I can’t fit into most of my usual clothes, but aside from that, it’s pretty amazing.

My little guy is quite the athlete these days. His favorite time to play is at night, which may be contributing a bit to my fatigue, because whenever I wake up in the middle of the night now I like to see if he’s awake and wants to hang out for a little bit. It’s often in the very middle of the night that he must be doing somersaults or jumping jacks or something, because it’s crazy how much he moves. I could lie there for hours with him doing that.

I’m already in love. Someone asked me the other day what I was most excited about, and I realized that most of all, I just want to meet him. I feel like I know him already just by feeling him move, by letting his tiny body pass by my hand as it rests on my ever expanding belly.

I told Marshall that I think I like the tiny movements the most, because I imagine his adorable little hand or foot punching or kicking in there when I feel them. I can’t wait until I can hold them.

I feel like time has flown, when I look back at how long I’ve been pregnant. We’re over halfway through, and we will be meeting our son (crazy!) in four months or less. I know that time will fly by, and that it will continue to fly once he’s born. So I’m doing everything I can to savor every moment as it comes.

I still can’t believe I’m having a baby. It’s pretty unreal. And such an unbelievable blessing. It truly is a miracle, this little life growing inside of me.



like a child

the murph

A few days ago, my sister sent me this article about a group of grown men who have continued a game of tag that started in high school for 23 years, taking turns flying across the country to tag one another.

It’s a pretty funny article, and it makes me want to start up my own game of cross-country tag, if anyone is interested in joining. But it also reminds me how important it is to remain childlike in certain aspects of our lives, lest we become old and boring and take ourselves too seriously.

This is one of the things that I love most about my relationship with God: the ability, and the need, to remain childlike. In so many ways, I am like a child in this world and in my relationship with Christ, and I’m always learning, always falling down and scraping my knee, always looking for a hand to hold when I’m going through hard times.

As much as I like to think so, I am never truly in control of my life, and thankfully I have someone I can trust to have control over it.

As much as I think I know everything, I don’t. And I screw up, a lot. Even when I know what I should do in a situation, I often do what I know I shouldn’t do. Thankfully I have someone who does know everything, and thankfully He is gracious and forgiving.

Best of all, when I take the time to do it, I can sit back in childlike wonder and be amazed by the world and everything in it, my life and how amazing God has made it. God has given me so many things I never would have given myself had I been in charge, and only in hindsight can I say “oh, that’s why. I get it now.”

I don’t ever want to forget how to live like a child. Life is too serious not to.


p.s. I haven’t been feeling well recently so please forgive my lack of posts. Hopefully I’ll be back at full strength soon!

sick as a dog

Coming at you live from the doctor today… Trying to get over whatever it is that I and everyone else seem to have. Hope you don’t have it yourself! Here’s a puppy pic to make you (and me) feel better. Happy week before Christmas! I’m headed home tomorrow so other than they yuck I’m feeling pretty good.


friday afternoon purse-puppy fix

Met this little guy in Starbucks today:


We are best friends now.

Hey also – did you know that if you follow me via email, you can comment on my posts by simply hitting “reply” to the post email you receive (you are probably reading from it right now)? My adorable husband figured that out.

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Just some nifty advice I thought you might want to know on this lovely Friday.

Hoping for some fall weather in the near future for you.