here comes the bride

I’m sitting in my parents’ kitchen with my dad before he leaves for work. The time change between Boston and Nashville works in our favor this morning, 6:30 am felt like 7:30 am when I woke up “late.”

Marshall is back in Hamilton, and I fly back this afternoon, after what couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend.

We were in town for the wedding of one of Marshall’s lifelong best friends, Sam. He married his high school sweetheart of more than ten years in one of the most beautiful and most fun weddings I’ve ever attended.

There’s something about a girl on her wedding day that is undeniably beautiful. I was telling one of my friends on Saturday night that I don’t believe I’ve been to a wedding where the bride didn’t look absolutely stunning. I know brides spend all day getting ready for their big day, and many spend months making sure they will look their best, but there’s something more to the radiance that glows from a bride on her big day.

For me, my wedding day was far and away one of the happiest and best days of my life. I was marrying the man of my dreams, I was surrounded by the people I loved most, and I was wearing the prettiest dress I’ll ever wear, ever. It was hanging in my old closet this weekend and I have to admit I went in to stare at it twice. I told my mom I wanted to put it on. I resisted.

That’s me, almost ten months ago! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for almost a year.

It was so refreshing to see all of our old friends from home, and we even got to spend some time with our families (including Itty. He was so excited).

But I’m also glad to be headed back up to Massachusetts. We’ve made a good little home for ourselves up there, and it’s definitely where we are meant to be right now.

See you on the flip side.


p.s. I wrote most of this post yesterday, we are back in Mass now. I know you were wondering.