glee/flo and the machine dance break

Sometimes Glee just gets it right. I definitely think they did this time. Hard to get this one wrong. I’m going to give you a few options here, so take your pick, or listen to all of them and tell me your favorite.

The first one is the full Glee version, which is my personal favorite of the Glee picks. But it doesn’t have the video attached to it. The one with the video (coming up next) doesn’t have my FAVORITE part of the song though! And that made me sad.

Okay and then this next one has the video, but not the best part of the song. Still fun to watch though.

Can you tell what my favorite part of the song is? It’s a crime to remove it.

And here’s the original, from the magical lady herself, Florence + the Machine. Her voice is to die for.

It’s unbelievable whatever way you slice it.