life in a post

So here’s what I’ve been up to these days, Instagram style.

I’ve been getting really crafty, and by really I mean marginally, but it’s been quite an adventure nonetheless.

owl onesie

We’ve had a couple of craft nights, and the picture above is of an appliqué onesie I made all by myself. And thenthe next craft night, I made an adorable little fabric flower to go with it! So if I don’t have a girl I may have to donate this to a little baby girl I know.

cartoon owl

I’ve also been doing some drawing, and as you can tell I stuck with the owl theme because they are so adorable. I actually saw an owl while I was on a walk with my friend a few weeks ago, it was amazing.

bird watercolor

And then, I finally got so excited that I actually went out and bought some watercolors. I swear I’ve done more than just birds. These just happen to be the pictures I have. It’s been pretty fun, experimenting with art again. I feel like a kid. Did I tell you I used to want to be a cartoonist when I was little? Well I did.

baby belly 14 weeks

Oh, and also I’ve been growing a baby. So that’s been a lot of work, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago. That’s me at 14 weeks.

baby belly 15 weeks

…and there I am at 15 weeks. Can you tell a difference? I’m not sure if there is one. But the baby’s growing! And using most of my energy to do it. That’s okay though, I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it.

throw back picture

I also found some adorable/hilarious childhood photos while I was home a few weeks ago, which I of course took pictures of on my phone so I could participate in “throw back Thursday” on Instagram. That’s our rabbit Solomon that we “won” on year (my mom’s friend rigged the Easter egg hunt so we would win all the animals every year). And my sister looks like she should be in Japan for some reason.

day at the zoo

And this is from the day that my brother got mad at my mom for putting sunscreen on him at the zoo and slammed the door to our station wagon and the keys got locked in the car so we got to spend the entire day there while my mom waited for the locksmith. When I posted this on Instagram my sister asked “where am I??” I’m sure many of you can guess what my response was.

Oh, and perhaps the best is this one.

preachers wives

This is a picture of me and my best friend at my grandparents’ house, most likely putting on some type of play, or perhaps giving a sermon of sorts. But what’s so funny about it is that we are now both seminary wives, on our way to becoming preacher’s wives. Okay, I admit, I don’t look much like a future preacher’s wife in this picture, but the Bible is just too funny, and Debbie seems to fit the part here pretty well. I was always the crazy one.

Marshall and Owen

And then it’s back to the present time, with Marshall brushing up on his baby skills. Doesn’t he look like such a natural? The kid is mesmerized. We think it’s the beard. They all love the beard.

So anyway, that’s my life in a post these days, I hope you’ve enjoyed the update. As you can see things are pretty exciting around here, as I’m sure you expected.

Happy Tuesday (I keep thinking it’s Wednesday ughhh)



one more goal and some more thoughts on goal-setting

my bffI forgot to tell you one of my goals, because it wasn’t really a part of my goal-setting process, it was more of a “Oh! Look at what my friend is doing, I should do that too!”

One day last week, my friend Shanna from Food Loves Writing posted on Instagram that she was going to write one sentence in her journal every day this year. I’ve been thinking for months about how much I want and need to get back into journaling, because I’ve honestly been pretty bad at it ever since I graduated from college (class was valuable journaling time for me). But for some reason I’ve had trouble keeping up with it. Between the blog, other writing gigs, and life, I just can’t seem to find the time.

So when I saw Shanna’s goal, a simple, easy goal that would take up all of twenty seconds of my day, I thought, why not? Of course it’s not as much as I would like to write, but it’s a start!

So for the past week or so, I’ve been writing in my journal every night before I start to read my book in bed. Whereas I used to look at my journal on the bedside table and say to myself, “If I weren’t so tired…” or “If only it were earlier…”, now I pick it up, knowing all I have to do is write one single sentence.

And you know what? I have yet to write an entry that was only one sentence. They have been fairly short entries, nothing compared to my twenty-pagers I used to knock out, but it has been consistent, and it has felt good.

Is there something you would like to do or get back into, but it seems like too much work so you put it off? Maybe try breaking it down into a simple goal, like writing one sentence a day in your journal. It may seem like the tiniest of baby steps, but it’s better than standing still.


why i hate the internet


Remember when the internet was this cool new thing where you could search for information and download free songs and play games like Snood? Remember when Facebook was just a place to put up pictures and poke your friends and join as many ironic groups as you possibly could? Remember when we lived our lives in person instead of online in this virtual arena where anything goes but every move you make is being watched by everyone?

I miss those days. Now, I feel like the internet is just one more thing I have to do. Particularly as a freelance writer, and a blogger, I feel like if I haven’t posted a picture on Instagram in a couple of days I’m falling behind on my duties.

But even for people who don’t blog or write for a living, I feel like “online presence” has become just another line on a resume. If a job you want has anything to do with communicating with other people (…), they want to make sure that you have an active Facebook page (but don’t have too much fun! They’re watching you…), seventy thousand recommendations on LinkedIn, a billion Twitter followers, and whatever the heck you do with Google+.

Let me tell you a little something about Google+. Screw that. I’m so sick of all these new “social” networks that we’re obligated to be a part of if we want any chance of keeping up with the virtual Joneses and having any type of career in the next decade, because if you don’t have the right circles in Google+ they aren’t going to let you into law school. I’m drawing the line at Google+. I think I even have a profile or whatever they call it (probably something much cooler than ‘profile’, that’s too Facebook-y), but I gave up after I created it. Screw that.

I love blogging. It’s such a great way to write what I want, when I want, and not simply to my journal. It has been so fun becoming a part of the blogging community, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. But I don’t want to tweet something just so that I can maybe get one more follower. I don’t want to comment on my friend’s blog or a blog I like because I secretly want to steal followers from them with my brilliant comment-writing skills. I just want to freaking write. Is that too much to ask?

I don’t even want to begin to calculate the hours I waste online. I try to tell myself it’s helpful, that I’m reading informative articles or catching up on my friends’ lives or increasing my online reach or helping my career. But most of the time, I’m just putting off all of the real life things that I could be doing to actually enrich my life (or make money, or improve my writing, or keep me healthy, or strengthen relationships, or anything else that’s much better than scanning my news feed). There’s just too much information out there, and it’s bogging me down.

I don’t really have a solution for any of my grumblings, I just wanted to vent. I’m definitely going to try to think of ways to keep my online usage to a minimum, ways to be more productive, to get less distracted, and so on. But for this post, I just wanted to vent.

Now get back to work, ya slacker!


it’s here

Well, autumn has arrived.

I rang in the new season this weekend in the mountains of upstate New York with my husband, a couple of good friends, and their three month old baby. We got a front row seat to the changing leaves. We even saw some snow.

I had a field day with Instagram this weekend, I had forgotten my newly repaired camera so my trusty phone filled in, and it did not disappoint.

Marshall and our friend Chris spent much of their weekend studying, when Renee and baby Finley and I weren’t distracting them. So perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that they spent some of their weekend studying. And most of it being distracted.

I realized yesterday that Marshall and I had started dating exactly three years earlier. He said it didn’t count since we are married now, but I count it. That’s a long time, right? I’m proud of us. Here’s to at least three more! Kidding.

My parents celebrated 33 years of marriage this weekend. That’s what I hope to be doing 32 years from now. I can’t imagine what those years will bring, but I can’t wait to find out.

For now, I look forward to celebrating one year of marriage in a couple of months. I know it’s no 33 but it seems like a big deal. Maybe it will be snowing by then.

Happy fall.


p.s. More pictures from the weekend to come later this week. Can’t give them to you all at once!

life in a post #2

Hey there, remember me? I’m the girl who used to post on her blog more than once a week.

Sorry about that, time got away from me last week, this whole settling in thing can be a bit unsettling at times.

It’s funny how being in a routine can make one more productive, while being out of that routine can derail even the smallest of habits due to lack of structure. Maybe I’m the only one who suffers this.

But I digress. I thought I’d catch you up on my Instagram life today, in case you don’t follow me on twitter.

Somehow, we have only made it into Boston once since we’ve been here, and this is a picture of the harbor. Or actually this is the Charles River, do you call that the harbor still? Whatever, it’s water.
We walked along the promenade beside the Charles River with my friend Morgan and her god-brother after a yummy dinner in Back Bay. I love the city, but it takes some planning and effort to get in there, and honestly, we have so much to entertain us in our area that we haven’t really felt the need to venture in.
I have loved finding quaint little houses in our area, and this one is on my usual walking route. Virtually every house up here has siding on it, it’s hard to find a brick house, which is interesting to me. I wonder if it has something to do with the weather, or the age of the houses. Enlighten me if you know. It doesn’t prevent the houses from being adorable though!
Did somebody say adorable houses?
I drove past this the other day and almost had a wreck. How could you not want to live here? Just imagine it in the snow.
This is another lovely addition to my walks. I caught him eating breakfast. We found a church up here (yay!) and started going to a community group on Monday nights, and we drove up last week to a long, winding driveway lined with huge old trees, flanked on either side by horse pastures.
This guy lived next door to the house where we met. Apparently there are three dalmatians that live on the grounds as well; it’s my goal tonight to meet them.
We also went antique shopping a few weeks ago, where we found our ottoman that we plan to re-cover, and literally I felt like I was walking into my grandmother’s basement. Like, I think half the trinkets I saw my grandparents owned at one point.
And most recently, we had dinner with friends of a friend (I suppose now we can call them friends!) in Somerville Mass (as they say up here), which is right outside of Cambridge, which is right outside of Boston.
We didn’t eat at Rosebud Diner, pictured above, but we walked past it in Davis Square and I thought it was awesome so I took a picture. Apparently it is one of two working Worcester Diners left in the country, so that’s cool, if you know what that means.
Other than that, we’ve just been living the life, you know. Sliding by on part-time gigs and trying to do some writing. We go home next weekend for a wedding which is fun, it will be good to see kitty.
Happy Monday, y’all.