little taste of home

My parents are in town.

Unfortunately I work all day today so I don’t get to see them until tomorrow morning, but then I get to spend all weekend with them!

It will be a great excuse to be a tourist up here, do some more exploring, eat some good food, enjoy the fall a bit before it turns to winter.

We’re heading back to this picture with my parents, an adorable little peninsula in Rockport called Bearskin Neck, and I can’t wait to show it to my mom. Maybe she’ll paint a picture of it for me. Rockport is the quintessential New England town. I’ll be sure to take some more pictures of it for you.

It will be nice to get a little taste of home this weekend, and to show my parents our new home away from home. Pray for good weather though, there’s rain in the forecast. I thought October was supposed to be a dry month! Never mind that.

Only six hundred pages left of Gone With The Wind. Almost done. Scarlett just swore she would never go hungry again.

Enjoy your weekend.