after sandy

I slept fitfully two nights ago, as I along with the rest of the East Coast awaited the onslaught of Sandy and her wintry co-conspirators from the West.

I found myself praying for the safety of everyone in its path, even for the pets and the wildlife. I prayed that it would be less destructive than predicted, I prayed that people would make it to safety. And in the midst of my prayers, I began to thank God for His power.

We are in the midst of a power struggle of epic proportions in America, as we near an election that will decide our country’s direction for the next four years and probably longer. Each side has its reasons for believing the power should be placed in their hands, not the others’. There are people who believe that the fate of our country, even of the world, lies in the election of one of two men, to what is arguably the most powerful political office in the world.

As a Christian, I know in whose hands our true fate lies. And perhaps, I hope, a few more people recognized over the past couple of days who really holds the power. I can’t help but wonder at the timing of one of the most powerful storms in America’s history.

He holds the power. He created the earth and everything in it, He orchestrates its every move. He has held America in His hands since its birth, and He will hold it in His hands until its death. He knows who will be elected next week, and guess what? He’s okay with it. So guess what? I’m okay with it. Be it all to His glory.

It’s easy to get so caught up in trying to do the will of God that we forget that the will of God is already being done.

Maybe we needed a break from the election, from the fighting, from the slandering, from the power struggle. Maybe we all needed to step back for a minute, believers and non-believers, and take a look at what’s important. Maybe we needed a glimpse of true power.

I mourn the losses that happened over the past couple of days in our country. I pray that no such storm floods our shores in the future. But through all of it, I praise God for His power.

And I praise Him for the little gifts, like the perfection of the verse He led me to this morning by what many would call coincidence.

Let the nations know that we are but men.