finding nemo

Well, I got my New England winter last weekend.

blizzard nemo

I tell ya, whoever said big snows would make you sick of winters up North obviously had never met a southerner born in December. I would have rather been in Hamilton Massachusetts than Paris France this weekend.


I had been quite disappointed at the way the winter had been going, particularly after a 100% prediction of 6-10 inches found me waking up to a mere dusting one morning. I was not a happy camper that morning.

So even when the weather men (to save face from the last time, I’m sure) said that unlike other times when they weren’t completely sure of their predictions, they were pretty confident this time, I was skeptical.


So when we went out at 11:00 Friday night to the above picture, I was beside myself.

According to our uber-scientific measuring tree outside my friend Shelly’s window, we had about a foot by Friday night, and about two feet by Saturday morning. And the snow continued all day Saturday.

snow angel

We made snow angels, ate snow cream, sledded, I even made myself hot chocolate as an appropriate afternoon snack. I’ll never be too old for snow.

snowy road

That’s all I really have to say about that. I mainly just wanted you to see what I got to experience this weekend. I was in heaven. Pure, joy-filled, heaven. I hope it happens again. Like, next week.