ready for fall

Can I tell you one thing I’m ready for now that I live up North? Fall. And then winter. My poor sweaters have been locked away in my closet for months, and we’re all ready for them to come out of retirement.

I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest the past few days. I used it constantly when I was engaged but perhaps outdid it a bit, so I haven’t been back for a while. I forgot what I was missing. It’s a buffet of beautiful things.

In case you don’t know me, I like sweaters, and scarves, and leggings, and boots. And these pictures make me a happy girl. I can’t wait to be the third girl, actually needing winter garments because there is actual winter weather occurring around me. Okay, I may not look as cute as she does, but you can bet I’ll be as happy as she looks.

One thing I’m trying to change about my wardrobe is the lack of color in my closet. But I mean, come on…black and white just look so good.

And man, if you want to make me the happiest girl in the world, buy me that motorcycle jacket. I’d die.

I just can’t wait to cuddle up in my over-sized sweater with a coffee-filled mug watching the snow fall outside my window. What can I say, I’m a December baby through and through. Bring it on, Massachusetts.

Oh hey p.s. do you like my collages? Because I made them quickly and easily with Picasa! Wow I sound like a TV commercial. But it’s true, it’s fun and it makes you feel really talented.