settling in is not so settling

We have been in South Hamilton, Massachusetts for over two months now.

I am no longer a Tennessean. This isn’t a vacation. I live here. I am a…Massachusettsian…

That couldn’t be right.

Anyway, we’ve lived here for a while now. And Marshall is settled into his routine. He goes to class four days a week, works a few days a week, and spends the rest of his time reading. Oh, and he got an A+ on his first midterm, which was in GreekSo I’d say he’s pretty settled.

I, on the other hand, am feeling less settled than I was when we first got here. I was really excited about this week. I was finally starting 20 hours a week of nannying, I had my 15 or so hours of editing to do, I had Nfocus articles to work on, and I had other writing opportunities in the works.

Well. Things aren’t as settled as I thought they would be. In case you didn’t know this, everyone else’s top priority is not always you and your needs. The world isn’t working, as I hoped it would, to make sure everything goes smoothly for me in this job transition.

So here I am, nannying, working on my Nfocus articles, and waiting to hear back from people. My 40 hour week didn’t quite go as planned, and I am allowed at least one more week to slide by without needing to be disciplined.

Marshall pointed out an important fact to me the other day. I lack work ethic. After I slapped him, he explained to me that what he meant was that I lack personal work ethic. When I have a boss, I get my job done, and I get my job done well. I outperform, I go beyond expectations, I silently compete with everyone around me to get the job done better. But left to my own devices, I struggle to motivate myself. This may be why I have never been good at the whole “job search” thing, because I don’t have anyone to impress while I’m unemployed.

Once I have people to report to, projects to complete, deadlines, expectations, I will be fine. But in the meantime, I’m working on my personal work ethic. I’m trying to write regularly, I’m trying to sit down for a certain amount of hours every day and “work,” whatever that looks like. How’s that working for me? Well, not as quite well as I had planned. But I’m going to keep at it. Because I’m a big girl now, and big girls don’t quit.


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one more reason to stay inside

It has been raining in Massachusetts for days.

Honestly I must say I haven’t minded it. I love a good rainy day.

Particularly when going to work means moving from the bed to the couch, or if I’m feeling adventurous, the chair next to the window.

I always suspected that I would love working from home. Despite my extreme cabin fever the first few weeks I was up here, I actually enjoy being at home all day. Or most of the day. Getting out is nice too.

My only issue is focus. There are a lot of activities I can do when I’m at home and on my own work schedule. Like clean the dishes. Or do laundry. Or take a nap. Or read a book. Or clean the dishes again. Or make coffee. Or talk to my husband, when he comes home from class. Or stare out the window thinking about how much I need to start working.

It’s been a struggle.

Oh, did I tell you I’m working from home right now? Not quite full-time, but I’m doing a fair amount of work at home, and some nannying outside of the home. It’s looking like this will be my situation for the foreseeable future. And I am fine with that.

In fact, I’m quite excited about it. I never really believed something like this could work out for me. And then, all of a sudden, it just did. I’ve still got some things to work out, and I need to find some more work to fill the gaps (got something for me to write?), but if all goes well, this will be my life for a while.

Oh, and another thing about working from home? My second home. Coffee shops.

I can’t tell you how many times I sat in a coffee shop and thought to myself, “if only I had a job that I could do from a coffee shop!” I feel like a real live writer when I work in a coffee shop. I’m pretty sure everyone else around me is jealous.

If anyone has any tips on how to stay focused at home (Who am I kidding. Not just at home. Anywhere.), please enlighten me. I tried making a schedule, which helped…sort of. I thought about setting a timer for my breaks between working, but then I forgot.

We’re still working on this, as you can see.

Hope your days are sunnier than mine.



p.s. my wonderfully observant husband pointed out to me that my most recent post title made it sound like our microwave was alive. Hopefully you read on to realize that was not what I meant. But if not, I hope the title gave you a good laugh.